About Kal Sanders’ Creative Process

All of Kal Sanders’ art is unique and one of a kind.   She creates and develops her designs, carefully selects the glass, cuts, grinds and fuses creating the beautiful works of art displayed.  Her work is celebratory, sensual, life affirming, and vibrantly colorful.

Kal’s creations eminent from a place deep inside, inspired by dreams, fantasies, and her wild and zany sense of humor.  Her work comes from a profound yearning for social justice and harmony among all people and the environment.   Kal’s stunning attention to detail is evident in all of her pieces.

Working from her heart, soul, and expansive imagination, Kal Sanders’ unique use of color and design can be seen throughout the gallery.

Over the years, Kal has created art that is purposeful and useful in one’s life such as:

  • Window and wall hangings of all sizes
  • Night lights, switch plates
  • Bowls and platters
  • Jewelry, vases, soap dishes
  • Boxes, wind chimes
  • Candleholders, lamp shades
  • Ornaments, Menorahs and so much more

Custom Orders

Custom orders are Kal’s greatest delight.  If you can imagine it, Kal can create it. If you can’t quite imagine it, she can do that too! Contact us today to start planning your custom order.

Kal Sanders’ pieces make wonderful special occasion gifts for yourself and others.   Please tour the gallery and enjoy the journey.   There will be many more pieces to come.  Any piece marked SOLD can be custom built again with slight variation.