For retailers who want establish a wholesale incense account, please call us at 651-237-0652.

Our incense company is located in Minneapolis.  We have been making KALLI incense – a delightful, pure, all natural, hand dipped incense since 1997.  Our minimal overhead costs help maintain a fair price for you.  The prices listed are the normal selling retail price. When you set up your wholesale incense account, we will provide you a code for the wholesale prices.


Incense is a steady selling product.  People grow accustomed to our fresh fragrances and come back for more again and again.  Displays take approximately 18” of room. If you can set it right on your counter, the tantalizing aroma will have your customers deciding right then and there to bring some home.


The look of KALLI Incense is tried and true.  The display of incense is very visually appealing from the rainbow of multi colored bags to the glistening jewel on every label. Each package has a pre-printed UPC barcode.


An order is generally a dozen packages of between 12 to 20 different scents.  Our board holds two rows.  Each package is 2”wide by 12” long.  For example, if you order 18 scents, our board would be 20” wide by 18” high.  Of course, you may have your own slat wall or any other creative manner of display.


Our related accessories include hand carved soapstone burners, ash catchers, candle holders, large and small handmade wooden boxes, as well as a wide variety of beautiful oil diffusers.  The soapstone products come in many deep rich colors and designs.  Many of our products are produced by a family run cottage business that we have been working with for many years.


We pride ourselves in our attentiveness and prompt, friendly service to all of our customers.  Orders can easily be placed online, phone, fax or e-mail. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


We appreciate your supporting local vendors.  We look forward to hearing from you soon as you join the growing network of coops, bookstores, grocery stores, alternative stores, music shops and others who have grown to love our high quality, all natural KALLI incense.  You will start making money right away!


Please contact us to set up a wholesale account.  We will issue a login name, PIN number and wholesale price code.  After your first order you can easily reorder at your convenience.

For retailers who want establish a wholesale incense account, please call us at 651-237-0652.