Humble Beginnings

Our incense company was created in 1997 in Minneapolis, MN.  We are a women owned and operated small business.

A journey down Experimental  Road took us to Duluth, MN to collect pine needles and cones. The smell of cedar was potent after crushing the foliage between our fingers.  The air smelled so fresh after rain poured down through the night. The bike path in Minneapolis took us to the rose gardens where the fragrance was unmistakably rose! A walk out our back door to the garden is an easy trip to plant and harvest sage, lavender, and rosemary. Kalli, being a gourmet vegetarian cook, meant the cupboards (and her delightful dishes) had more exotic aromas and flavors to enjoy.  Our operations are now located outside of Harris, MN where we enjoy and are inspired by nature- the trees, the sky with lovely sunsets, starry nights, the sparkling lake and the frost covered pines in winter.


So Many Fragrances, So Little Time.

 We envisioned capturing the natural scents available in nature and having them available anytime, anywhere. So, we decided on incense.


Ah yes, incense. Incense has been developed and used for thousands of years.  Our human sense of smell has been an intrinsic part of our experience forever. Our customers have been enjoying KALLI incense since it’s inception.


People have regularly called the number on the back and said, ”Thank you.  I love your incense!  My store is out, where can I get more?” We are happy to provide many lovely fragrances for you to burn and enjoy. Some are fresh and cleansing such as Sage. Lavender, and Rain. Some are earthy and grounding as with the woody types- Sandalwood,  Balsam, Cedarwood, Enchanted Forest.  Dragons Blood is exotic and Sex on the Beach is erotic. Some may stimulate your hunger as you sniff a little Vanilla, Clove , or Lemongrass.  There is none more popular than the Aging Hippie Patchouli, especially dear to our hearts – being aging hippies ourselves!


The scents we have chosen have been the best selling, the most requested in the last 18 years.  Our “at home“ operations let us provide a product with lower overhead, and reasonable prices to you.